3D Model and Panorama Viewer
for Developers

HYPER 3D is a modern JavaScript library (ES6 module) to display 3D models, scenes and 360° panoramas on the web.
It is as easy as using an <img> element:

<hyper-3d src="model.gltf" loading="lazy" autorotate></hyper-3d>

Some Examples


Main Features

Only one file to load, no dependencies!
< 250 KB (gzipped)
Easy to use with attributes, properties and events as with native HTML elements
Support for GLTF/GLB, FBX, OBJ and STL, with PBR, environment maps and Draco
Cross-browser and mobile compatible, responsive, works in WebViews
View modes: orbit and look around,
constrainable angles of view
Pin HTML elements to 3D positions to use them as hotspots or labels.
Effects without effort, just turn them on: soft shadows and reflections
Play/control the animation of the model, animate the view and every property
Fully interactive, make 3D objects in your scene hoverable and clickable
Many examples of common use cases like swapping materials and navigating the scene
Secure and data protection compliant, no requests to other servers, no cookies
Based on the proven THREE.js library for WebGL, all source code is included

All Features and Details (PDF)

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Pre-Sales Questions

What skills are required?

You must be familiar with HTML and CSS. JavaScript knowledge is required for advanced features such as interactivity.

What browsers/devices are compatible?

All modern browsers/devices should be compatible. Internet Explorer is not supported, but you can show fallback content instead.

What technologies is it based on?

HYPER 3D is a JavaScript ES6 module that contains the THREE.js library for WebGL 3D rendering. It displays your 3D content using a Custom Element that you can easily style and control like native HTML elements.

Is it compatible with my website or CMS?

You can integrate HYPER 3D into any type of website/system you have full access to. Generally, you must be able to save custom files on the webserver and insert some code on the pages.

Can I use it with React/Vue/...?

The script module and all examples are written in native JavaScript (ES6 module). You should be able to use it with the framework of your choice, but we can't guarantee it or help you with it.

Is there a demo version?

Sorry, we do not offer a demo version. Please evaluate the online examples and feature list. You purchase without risk, as you can request a refund if you are not satisfied!

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